The American Speed Reading Corporation is proud to announce a new innovative reading program that will enable you to double, triple, even quadruple your reading speed and comprehension.

The Goal of the American Speed Reading Corporation

The goal of the American Speed Reading Corporate Program is to enable clients to improve their productivity in the workplace through learning a faster, innovative way of reading and synthesizing printed material. This goal will be achieved through the following objectives. Clients will:

Course Outline

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Here are Answers to the Questions Our Clients Frequently Ask:

Not at all. By increasing your reading speed – two, three or four times faster than it presently is – you won’t lose the enjoyment of reading. You will not only be able to read more of the books you always wanted to; you will have a better understanding of the storyline. You wouldn’t go to a movie theater and watch only forty-five minutes of a movie and then wait several nights to see the second half. You will learn to read entire novels in one sitting. In fact, graduates of our course have told us that reading this new way is a lot like watching a movie, because thoughts and concepts blend together so well.

As long as you have at least a eighth grade grade reading level, you qualify for the course.

Absolutely! The very first lesson addresses common reading problems. We will identify, and break them almost at once. Losing concentration is a common problem for many readers. You will learn to focus on your reading material with greater comprehension and retention. Once you learn to read at a rapid rate you will have complete concentration because there is no time for distractions.

Certainly! You will learn to go through the morning newspaper in a third of the time. We show you hand motions designed specifically for reading newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Copying word for word from your text or high-lighting every line is time consuming and unnecessary. We will show you effective note-taking strategies: You’ll write less but remember more.

The American Speed Reading Corporation does not end its commitment with you when you complete the seminar. Our instructors are always available to answer any questions. We offer additional drills to continue your improvement at no charge, and if you ever need further assistance, we are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

You certainly can with a few minor changes.  We will show you what you need to do.