Memory Power

Memory Power

Do your employees forget names of important clients or information presented at seminars?  Are they afraid to give speeches or lead seminars because they might forget vital information?  Do they experience memory meltdown? Without memory all brainwork is wasted because there is no way to recall from past experience.  How many times have you heard an executive say about an employee, “He just never learns.” So often the situation could more properly be phrased, “He doesn’t remember.”  In contrast, there are some persons whose entire key to success lies in a good memory and little else.

Suppose in just THREE hours, we could turn the minds of your employees into memory machines that retain vital information and not just for minutes but for days, weeks or as long as they needed?

The AMERICAN SPEED READING CORPORATION is proud to announce our newest seminar, “MEMORY POWER.”  Right from the start we will introduce your personnel to an innovative way of thinking as we sharpen their minds to store and retrieve information in moments. This means instilling confidence, improving work performance, and increasing productivity.

MEMORY POWER has been highly successful wherever presented. It not only works but learning these memory techniques is fun and will prove to be one of the most interesting and popular seminars your company has ever presented.

If you believe, as we do, that this innovative concept will be a major asset to your corporation please contact us.  We will be happy to include your company in our next seminar schedule.

Memory Power Seminar Objectives

The goal of American Speed Reading’s Memory Power Seminar is to have clients think and recall vital information through a new innovative process.

This goal will be accomplished through the following objectives:

Attendees will:

Learn to think and recall using a new innovative method, different from what they currently use.

Practice a relaxation technique that may be used when in a stressful setting.

Learn a four-step process that turns new information into knowledge.

Learn a variety of mental peg systems that associate new information with information already known.

Instantly recall the names of people.

Learn an innovative style of note-taking for meetings and seminars.

Memory Course Outline

INTRODUCTION:  Explaining sensory memory, short term, or working memory, and long term memory. 

BASIC ASSOCIATION:  Using information we know to recall new information.

TURN VIVID PICTURES INTO STORIES:  The key to remembering: visualize a picture in your mind and create action.

HOUSE LIST PEGS:  Using items in your own home to recall new information.

PEGGING TO YOUR LIST:  Adding information to your long term memory. Chaining new information to the pegs
you already know.

REMEMBERING PEOPLE:  Recalling the names of the people you just met makes a lasting impression. 

Taking notes and recalling vital information from meetings or seminars: write less but remember more.