Speed Reading For Business Professional

Speed Reading for Business Professionals

Could your firm benefit from a more productive workforce? American Speed Reading is a Certified Seminar Contractor for the Federal Government, the City of New York, and a 100 Hours Provider with the New Jersey Department of Education.

ASRC is profiled by Dun and Bradstreet (ID#94-111-2377), and of the thousands of corporations rated through D&B’s affiliate Open Ratings, American Speed Reading is ranked in the top five percent.

If Speed Reading is a skill that would benefit your corporation’s executives and personnel, please contact us. Our clients include the Federal Reserve, NASA Space Center, Army Command and General Staff College, and the United States Navy Seals.

Top executives have taken our seminar and told us it exceeded their expectations. Judge for yourself.

Partial List of Companies Taught:

  • United States Navy Seals, CA
  • Army Command and General Staff College, KS
  • Merck Corporation, PA
  • Vanguard Mutual Funds, PA
  • Alpine Engineering, TX
  • Deloitte & Touche, CT
  • VPI Mirrex Corporation, DE
  • American Herbal Science Corp, AL
  • Hartford Life, CT
  • Boeing Corporation, MO
  • College Club USA, CA
  • Holiday Inn, Washington D.C.
  • Honda of America, OH
  • Nikkan, NY
  • Magnetic Health, NJ
  • State Street Research, MA
  • Ace Financial Services, NY
  • Vandenberg AFB Fire Dept, CA
  • Merrill Lynch, NY
  • Household Int, IL
  • HSBC Corp, IL
  • Amway Corp, MI
  • Florida Atlantic Univ, FL
  • New York Medical College, NY
  • Professional Indemnity Co, NY
  • Allegheny Ludlum Corp, PA
  • Affiliated Managers Group, MA
  • Case Corporation, WI
  • NYC Dept of Transportation, NY
  • Texas Dept. of Human Resources, TX
  • British Airways, FL
  • Robert Wood Johnson FD, NJ
  • Kimberly-Clark Corp, GA
  • BMW of North America, NJ
  • American Home Products, NJ
  • PepsiCo, NY
  • Amarillo Texas Area Foundation, TX
  • NASA (Johnson Space Center), TX
  • US Coast Guard, CA
  • Transportation Security Administration In Intelligence Services, VA